Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life got really busy really fast

I kind of almost forgot I had a blog!  That is how busy things have been.  We are about 4 weeks into the Fall semester and things just hit the ground running.  It is amazing how we can go from the quiet of summer to the rush of the semester in the blink of an eye.  Ben and I are both teaching substantial course loads, so between prepping classes, teaching classes, grading for said classes, and meeting with students, we have become a bit detached from the real world.  Oh yeah, and did I mention we have 2 young kids?!  That definitely adds a little spice to life!

Lots of good things are happening though.  Probably the biggest news is that Ben submitted his application for tenure and promotion a few days ago.  Decisions don't get handed down until March, but we all have really good feelings about it.  I am almost finished preparing my 2 dissertation manuscripts for journal submission.  Ally is doing great in preschool and is involved in gymnastics and soccer (the former at a gym close to our house and the latter at preschool).  Neither program has any competitions or games to participate in right now, but I think that's totally fine because it's just about fun and learning some skills.  And Amelia is toddling around, trying to do what Ally does.  Ally seems to like having an understudy, and it is pretty cute watching them chase each other around and play together.

So all in all, life is running along, and we're trying to keep up!  Happy Fall!

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