Friday, April 27, 2007

Donating my body to science-the results

The results are in, the stats have been run, the lab report has been written, and the powerpoint presentation has been given. I have the results of the exercise/cold exposure experiment for which I was a subject (read my 3 prior posts for a description of the experiment). Briefly, we found that the combined exercise/cold exposure trial elicited a significantly greater cortisol response than either exercise alone or cold exposure alone, but only during recovery. Secondly, we found that salivary cortisol levels change more significantly over time than do plasma cortisol levels. Thirdly, we found that plasma cortisol levels and salivary cortisol levels are positively correlated, however this correlation was only significant during the combined exericse/cold exposure trial.

Since I was also a co-lab director for this experiment, I did a joint powerpoint presentation today with the other co-lab director, and we presented the results of this experiment, along with a discussion of potential physiological mechanisms. This particular lab analysis was difficult to do because existing research studies involving exercise and cold exposure are scarce, but I think we did alright with what we had.

The completion of this particular lab experience also marked the completion of class for the semester. Yes, classes are over and finals begin on Monday. I have a take-home final for my research methods class due on Tuesday, and my lab oral final is on Wednesday. I am also proctoring and grading finals for my PE classes (2 on Tuesday, 1 on Friday, and 1 the following Monday). Oh, I almost forgot! my final exam in my advanced exercise physiology class is a cookout at my professor's house. Since we just finished a 3-week module on exercise and aging, our assignment is to bring an anti-aging food to the cookout, along with an explanation of why that food is considered "anti-aging." Maybe I will bring my awesome blueberry crisp, although I'm not sure if the ice cream and the crunchy topping cancel out the effect of the blueberries. . .

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