Saturday, June 2, 2007

Recent happenings

On Wednesday, Ben had the very weird experience of getting hit by a tree riding his bicycle home from school. As he was riding down Airport Rd, he heard some rustling overhead and then a tree fell across the sidewalk and one lane of traffic (think TIMBER!!!!) and landed right in front of his front tire. While Ben just missed getting flattened by the trunk, he did get scraped by the tree's branches, but it was not very serious. His bike was not quite as lucky, as his front wheel is slightly bent and the tire is flat.

On Thursday (May 31st) Ben and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Since I had to go to bell choir rehearsal, we didn't go out, however we will be officially celebrating this weekend by going out to eat at the Weathervane.

Tomorrow, we are having a bell choir cookout after Mass. If I remember to bring my camera, I'll take some pics and post them. Additionally, we'll probably be making a trip to the bike shop to get a new wheel and tire for Ben's bike.

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