Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update on Ben's eye

Ben's scratched cornea is healing. Most of the pain is gone, and he was able to drive into work today. Yesterday he stayed home and quickly found that it's hard to keep yourself entertained if you can't use your eyes much. So therefore, he is quite happy that this injury is healing quickly. When I told our friends Matt and Victoria about Ben's eye, they commented that their baby Elaina has also inflicted injury on both of them with her fingernails-in the form of bloody noses.

So just to warn anyone who may come into contact with Ally or any other 6-ish month old baby, you might want to wear some protective goggles and a noseguard. Actually, a helmet might also be a good idea because hair-pulling is fair game too. Actually, just wear an astronaut helmet to be safe!

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Michelle Casad said...

Good to hear Ben is healing. I second the need for a protective helmet and goggles.