Friday, December 10, 2010

Developing skills and personality

Ally is now starting to talk in sentences with more than 2 words. She doesn't have a huge repetoire yet, but here are the recurring ones:

I do that. (when she wants to do something all by herself)
Sit down. (spoken as a command)
I love you.
I miss you.
I see you.
I read book.

We are also noticing that Ally is developing a long-term memory. Maybe she has had long-term memory for a while, but she is now able to express events or people from the past. For example, in my previous post about Ally's love for raw fish, she actually ate the sushi on a Tuesday night, but asked about eating sushi on Wednesday and Thursday nights too. Another example: Ben's whole family came to visit for Thanksgiving, and Ally got to play with her cousins. Almost every day since then, she mentions something about her big cousins Isaac and Ethan. I guess there is a lot of stuff going on in that little head of hers!

I must say that one thing I am very thankful for is Ally's personality. She is a very happy and easygoing toddler (for now anyways). I don't even remember the last time I had to put her in time-out. I feel like right now, most potential points of conflict can be handled either with giving her choices or giving her fair warning about order of events. "Do you want to eat cereal or oatmeal?" "Do you want to wear this dress or that dress for church?" "We're going to read 1 more book and then it's bathtime." She is not terribly keen on sharing (but what toddler is), and she does not appreciate it when another toddler tries to take something she is playing with. But honestly, I don't particularly like it when someone takes my stuff either, so that's understandable.

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