Saturday, April 28, 2012

Amelia's Here!

Our little bundle of joy arrived a week early and without much warning!  We left for the hospital at about 12:30 this morning, and met Amelia at 3:15.  I'll let Beth fill in all the fun details later -- the primary purpose of this first-ever Singing Scientist guest post is to put up a few much-anticipated pictures before the eastern seaboard goes night-night.  Here they are!

 Amelia at t + 5 minutes.  She has Ally's (and Mommy's) hair!

She has feet!!  (Note: we double checked.  She has all five on the left as well as the right, prints notwithstanding)

Big sister meets little for the first time.
Don't think the Tootsie-Roll Pop is insignificant.  We're hoping this 'gift' from Amelia goes a long way toward sibling harmony.  So far so good.

The video version, so you can feel like you're here.

Amelia looks great in this one...
...and Ally looks great in this one.  A job for Photoshop?
Nurse leaves behind a stethoscope.  Super-cuteness ensues.
 Hopefully we'll be taking Amelia home tomorrow morning!

UPDATE:  If you were curious (I was), Ally clearly wins the hair contest.  From nearly three years ago:

Take THAT, little sis!

 ...and here's a real blast from the past, from December 1979:


Michelle Casad said...

Yay for a fast labor! I'm glad I did check one more time before I went to bed :) Congrats to all!

Michelle Casad said...

I just realized that Joshua is exactly twice the size of Amelia! He had his 2 month appointment a few days ago and weighed in at 14.4 lbs!!

Julia said...

Wow - so many exciting things in one week! Congrats on becoming a family of four!

VA said...

Yay yay yay yay!! So glad Amelia has arrived and everyone is doing well. :)