Sunday, September 23, 2007

Training-Week 10 summary

Half marathon: This week was another high mileage week, at 36 miles. I did my second 12-mile long run today. We've experienced a bit of a warm-up this weekend, despite the fact that it's now officially fall. So anyway, today's long run felt a bit harder than last Sunday's long run, because it was about 15 degrees warmer this morning. Hopefully, the hot weather and the humidity will fade away soon, and I can have my cool mornings back. Of course, in about 3 months, I'm sure that I'll be talking about how cold it is!

10 weeks down, 6 to go.

In other news, my thesis proposal is a week from Tuesday. I thought that the week after comps would be a bit more relaxed, but not so! I spent a greater part of the week working on thesis revisions, as well as working on a research project for one of my professors. I kind of felt like I was back at my old research job, and it was kind of nostalgic. Anyway, my next big deadline is this coming Tuesday; I have to give copies of my thesis proposal to my committee so that they can have a week to read it.


Mara E said...

Beth--I didn't know you are a runner, or that you keep a blog. Michelle gave me your blog address so I could study up on doing one myself. Yours looks really neat! Any advice on setting up and using one for Bell info? I think we could use a Bell Blog. Mara

Beth Evans said...

Hi Mara,

A bell blog would be GREAT! I would so bookmark it. If you are reading my blog and you click on "create blog" at the top of the screen, it will take you through step by step on how to set one up. It's super easy and fun.