Thursday, November 6, 2008

Doctor's appointment this morning

Ben and I had our second doctor's appointment this morning to check up on me and Baby. It was a pretty short visit this time, and everything went fine. We heard the heartbeat again, which was pretty cool. When we heard the heartbeat at our first appointment, I was about 10.5 weeks along, and it took the doctor a while to find it, and when she did, it was a very soft "click, click, click." Today, I'm about 15.5 weeks along, and pretty much the second the doctor put the transducer on my abdomen, we heard a very strong "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh." It was pretty cool. The doctor said that the baby's heart rate was around 140-15o bpm, which is normal for this stage of development.

I will be posting a new belly progression pic later tonight or tomorrow.

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VA said...

Is next month is the ultrasound visit? Some of the offices here in Memphis have the technology to save your ultrasound on a dvd or a vhs; if yours does, you should totally post it here!