Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little girls everywhere

In the last couple years, several of our friends have had babies, and we currently have several more friends who are pregnant. I guess subconsciously we all decided to go through this together! Anyway, it seems like the vast majority of the babies turned out to be girls. It started 2 years ago with two couples in our small group having girls a couple weeks apart. Two more couples in our current small group have recently had girls. One of Ben's former labmates and his wife had a girl in October. My friend Karla had triplets this past summer, two of which are girls. Andy and Michelle just had their 2nd trimester ultrasound today, and they are having a girl.

There are several other pregnant people that we know who have yet to have their 2nd trimester ultrasounds. My sister-in-law is due the same week as me, so she should be having her ultrasound soon. My cousin and his wife are due in May, so theirs will be coming up in the next month. Also, my college friend Karyn is about 8 weeks pregnant, so hopefully she will have hers in a couple months or so.

However, all is not lost on little boys. My PhD advisor and his wife are due in February and they are having a boy, as is another exercise physiology faculty member in my department. Our friends John and Ashley (another former small group couple) are due in March and also having a boy. Ben and I are having our 2nd trimester ultrasound next Wednesday, and assuming that our baby has not yet learned modesty, we are hoping to find out if it is a boy or a girl. Both my PhD advisor and Ben's mom think it's going to be a boy. If I had to pick, I'd say it's a girl. However, none of us are really working off any scientific information here; it's mostly a mixture of old wives tales, and comparing current and past pregnancies. Well, hopefully we'll know for sure next week!

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