Monday, March 9, 2009

New Poll: Which board game is nerdier?

A couple nights ago, Ben and I pulled out our chess set for the first time in at least 5 years. We played 3 games (all of which Ben won), and so after my 3rd loss, I declared that I would never play him again in chess (of all the times we've ever played, I've only won once). However, I have since decided that if I'm going to improve, we should play more often.

Another board game we both like to play is Scrabble, and I think with that one, each of us has won a fair number of times. A couple summers ago, we really got into playing a lot of Scrabble, mostly at my request because Ben was on a winning streak, and I really felt that I needed to do something about it :) We even went so far as to taking our Scrabble board with us to coffee shops and playing, and at one point, we considered buying a Scrabble dictionary.

So anyway, Ben and I were talking about Chess and Scrabble, and we were trying to decide which board game is nerdier. Ben said he thought it was Scrabble, since Chess Grand Masters command a certain respect. I thought it was Chess because I tend to group regular chess players in with the math nerd crowd. Now, I'm curious what others think. I've created a poll on the right side of my blog: which is nerdier? Chess or Scrabble? Tell me what you think!

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