Saturday, April 25, 2009

One year finished

Yesterday morning, I completed my last school obligation for the year, which was to take my biostatistics final. Therefore, I have successfully made it through the semester before giving birth, and I have also completed the first year of my PhD program with about 3 years to go. Or if you combine the masters and the PhD programs together, it would total about 6 years, so in that case, I'm halfway done. Normally I would work during the summer, either teaching summer school or doing research with my advisor, but this summer will be my maternity leave. I do still have research work that I can do, but luckily it's mostly things like editing manuscripts and writing IRB documents, and that's something I can do from home.

Now that school is finished, Ally is welcome to come whenever she likes.

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KG said...

I am so glad this semester worked out so nicely for you. The summer is going to fly by. We will have to take some walks with the kids!