Thursday, February 1, 2007

Favorite Links

I would like to draw your attention to the one quasi-interactive portion of my blog, which is my "favorite links" section on the right. "Stay Moving" is a blog belonging to Karla, one of my classmates, where she talks a lot about healthy choices involving food and exercise. The next two are personal websites belonging to my friends. Laura is an Olympic diver, and Andy and Michelle are friends from St. Thomas More. I have talked about them several times in my blog. The two after that are the websites for the two churches we go to: St. Thomas More and Chapel Hill Bible Church. The next one is for the Pittsboro Bach Society, a bi-monthly chamber music group I have been a part of for about a year. The last few websites are sports-related. Runners World is an awesome AWESOME website about everything running-related; from training plans to nutrition info, to area race-finders. Although I am not a gymnast, diver, or Olympic team member, I am a big fan of diving and gymnastics, and the Olympics, and I enjoy keeping up with those sports and athletes. Feel free to check them out, as they may become some of your favorites too. Happy surfing!

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