Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Early mornings the in the lab

Since 2nd summer session classes started a couple weeks ago, I've been TA-ing the lab portion of the undergraduate exercise physiology class. My thesis advisor is the professor for the class, and I've been having a lot of fun helping him out. For the past two lab days, I've had to get to school at 7am to set up eqipment and turn on the metabolic system, which is incredibly early, but I really don't mind it at all. I am also really really glad that I took Dr. Hackney's Assessment of Physiological Function class because now I feel way more comfortable in the lab than I did a few months ago, and I'm not so afraid of breaking equipment anymore :) Okay, I've never actually broken any equipment in the exercise physiology lab, but I have messed up data outputs on a couple things, including the metabolic system.

Anyway, back to the undergrad lab. We've been teaching the students how to run submaximal exercise tests to predict VO2max (i.e. aerobic fitness). We did the Modified Bruce Protocol on the treadmill, the YMCA test on the cycle ergometer, and the Queen's College 3-minute step test. Next, we're going to start practicing measuring body composition. Tomorrow we're going to start off with underwater weighing, and then next week we'll teach the students how to use skinfold calipers and the BIA machine.

In other school news, I have given a copy of my thesis proposal to my committee for review. We'll see how badly they bleed on it!

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